Why You Should Think About Having Your Own DJ Website

Why You Should Think About Having Your Own DJ Website
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Why You Should Think About Having Your Own DJ Website

Let’s face it, the most popular way of discovering someone or something today is being active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. In a sense social media is in vogue. But with this blog, I’m hoping to convince you that websites are timeless and are here to stay.

Websites, much like e-mail, have stood the test of time and are still extremely relevant today. They’re super versatile and are for the most part limited by your imagination.

While the list of pros is long, here’s my top 5 reasons why you should have a dedicated DJ website:

5 Reasons To Have A Dedicated DJ Website

It Adds An Element Of Professionalism

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I discover a new brand is check out how legitimate they are by navigating to their website. Yours should do the same. Give brands, promoters and anyone else interested in your work a reason to book you.

Your website should leave people believing you’re a professional and take your work as a DJ seriously. Include a bio, your gig calendar, a list of places you’ve performed at and also give people a taste of your sound.

It Helps Land Bigger Shows

Large brands and festivals are always looking to sign fresh talent that are putting in the work and show promise. An up-to-date, well maintained website shows your commitment to your practice and gives larger clients the confidence they need to book you.

This alone should be enough reason for you to register a domain, with your name in the URL. It’s always great if a simple Google search of your name returns a professional looking website with all the relevant information.

It’s Super Versatile

While social media is the easiest way to interact with your followers, you’re super limited to the platform’s specifications. Want to upload a video that’s 45seconds to Instagram? Sorry, that’s not possible. Want to add a vertical video to YouTube? Unfortunately, they’re optimised for landscape.

A website is a great opportunity for you to do things differently. You can add videos, images, audio, 3D objects, interactions and so much more. As I mentioned before, you’re only limited by your imagination.
Break out of the norm and explore the endless possibilities presented by this ‘digital putty’.

It Highlights Your Brand And Aesthetic

Like I mentioned in the previous segment – most social media platforms keep their interface and layouts fairly uniform. You’re at the mercy of its limitations. A website on the other hand is fully customisable.

This gives you the opportunity to explore a creative outlet outside of your music. A website also gives you more control of your brand and allows you to manage the way you want to be perceived.

Explore colours, themes and so much more with your website.

It Helps You Stand Out

If you’re a DJ, it’s likely you have a bunch of friends who are too. How many of them have a Facebook page? And how many of them have a custom website? Exactly. See what I mean?

A website is the easiest way to set a tone and stand apart from a crowd.

To Conclude…

Before Instagram, Facebook was all the hype. Travel back further and we had Orkut. That’s what social media is. Here today, no guarantee tomorrow. Your website is the closest thing you have to a permanent presence on the internet.

Your music, presskit, artwork, blogs, interviews and everything else you’ve put the time & effort to build deserve a place online. Make sure you take the time to build a website. Even if it’s a simple one. If you’re not sure about where to begin, check out tools like wordpress or wix. They offer great templates and a user friendly UI that perfect to get you started

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