Vital Audio – The New Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth

Ok, so first off you probably want to know what Vital is.

Vital is the new spectral warping wavetable synth, from the lab of Matt Tytel in Oakland, CA. For those of you who might not know, this isn’t Matt’s first time creating a synth. He’s previously known for developing Helm – a semi-modular synth that was largely seen as one of the best freeware synths on the internet.

His new plugin – vital, seems to have impressed producers looking for a synth with a little more versatility. The free version gives you access to 25 wavetables & 75 presets, with the pro version giving you more than 150 wavetables & 400 presets to play with. Not to mention unlimited access to the unique text-to-wavetable feature. You can stretch, shift, smear & skew harmonics to create incredible sounds that were previously impossible with wavetables.

vital screenshot

Vital now has animated graphical displays, with everything moving in real-time so you can see how things work while you play with this visual synth. Adding an optimised drag-and-drop workflow to this mix, makes working on Vital intuitive & fun. You also get a smart preview of the modulation before committing so you can experiment without ruining your sound.

With eight routable effects like reverb, delay, phaser and more, you have a comprehensive modulation matrix at your disposal. Four stereo-splittable LFOs & three envelopes can be set to modulate parameters within the synth, as well as two randomizers. You can also now remap the modulation curve to customize the shape of every modulation connection.

After experimenting with the plugin for a while, I believe that Vital is a versatile synth that can add dimension to your sound. Download the basic version for free and give it a go. If this synth can improve your game, you can explore more with the Plus version available for $25, or go all out & get yourself the Pro version for $80. There’s also a nifty subscription model that allows you to use features at just about $5 a month.

Vital is available for a range of Operating Systems, including Windows, macOS & Linux. You can learn more about Vital or download the plugin here.

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