Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 – A Look At The Daddy Of All DAWs

Steinberg released a new update for their long running DAW – Cubase. Cubase Pro 11, comes with a few new plugins, some updates on the sampler, scales & curves in the key editor pitch bend lanes & a few more nifty updates.

While, we’re often led to believe that updates have to bring new mind-blowing features; the reality is, we’re usually served up a range of practical workflow & performance improvements, that actually make life a little easier.

The new version of Cubase is just that – more tinkering than a full blown overhaul. Some brand new plugins, some specific improvements, Support for the high DPI scaling on the Windows 10 & a few surprises with the Sampler Track, Key Editor & Score. 

Cubase11 1

Diving right into it, let’s talk about what’s probably my favourite new feature – the upgraded Sampler Track. It’s simplicity & application make it by far one of the most useful tools available. We can now just drop in audio to play or work with. What really stands out though, is it’s MIDI integration. You can now use the MIDI to work, with Cubase automatically rendering incoming notes into audio. EPIC!

A nifty automatic slice feature, a pair of LFOs with multiple waveforms & a glide knob in the pitch section neatly wrap things up.

We’re treated to a Scale Assistant, that sits nicely in the inspector panel of the Key Editor. The assistant let’s you set a scale for future notes, but will also suggest scales it feels might be relevant. Can’t complain about accidentally hitting a wrong note again.

Let’s move on to the tasty bits. We all enjoy new plugins. Cubase Pro 11, comes with the long awaited update to the humble oscilloscope. In what can only be described as an epic transformation it has been reborn as SuperVision and it’s fabulous. 

A range of analysis, metering & display tools are brought together into a slick interface. You can now pull up spectral displays, phase metering, loudness & spatial tools all at once, or opt to focus on one while the GUI adapts off your lead.

Cubase11 2

A new version of the Frequency dynamic EQ plugin, allows us to set all 8 bands to adapt to the input signal for very precise processing. A new Imager which places tracks independently in a multiband stereo environment & the MultiTap Delay that now supports 5.1 surround sound round things off.

Probably the most impressive new addition is the Squasher. Described as an EDM Enhancer, It has 3 bands of compression and a bunch of presets that just make everything sound bigger, fuller and more intense. It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure it’ll become useful.

Like I said, the new update might not be considered epic by most, but it continues the trend of an ever improving workplace. You can tell that a lot of work has gone into the less glamorous functions & tools. Personally, I’m excited to see where Cubase takes things over the next couple of years.

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