In this episode of TMS Trivia, alumni Sourabh Kothari will be taking you through Ableton Live 10s – Arpeggiator. Sourabh is a techno DJ – Producer with releases on labels like White Line. Subwoofer Records & Lets Techno. He also recently performed at the Burning Man Multiverse.

The Arpeggiator is a MiDi plugin that runs MiDi signals to create a rhythmic pattern. In this video, we’ll run through simple ways we can use an arp. After showing you how a simple arp affects a chord, we’re shown a few different styles of the plugin. Next, we there’s a quick tip on how to use the ‘hold’ feature on the arpeggiator for Ableton Live performances.
We’re then taken on a quick tour of the Transpose & Velocity sections, before we line-up the arp on a track with some kicks, claps & hi hats.

You can mess around with the settings on the arp to find your own unique sound.

Simple ways to use an arp

Finally, as an easter egg, we get a look at how Sourabh uses the arp to create his trademark style of techno.

For more insights, tips and tricks in all things electronic music, tune-in to TMS Trivia, every Tuesday at 5PM LIVE on our Facebook page.

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