Ableton Live Performer with Braindrop

The program will teach you how to get the most out of Ableton’s Push Controller in a live performance environment

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Learn how to reliably use an iPad as performance “dashboard”. Work faster and better with tested apps and tools that the pros use. You will learn to get creative with instruments, loops and sampling. Customize your own tweakable parameters and get expressive on stage!

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Course Curriculum

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Thanks to the guidance I received from the entire faculty at TMS, I've been able to come a long way pursuing my passion for music. In a short span of time, I've been able to play alongside some of the biggest DJ's in the country on a regular basis not to mention, international artists and the opportunity to play at a festival. None of this would have happened if my skills as an artist were not up to scratch. For that, I have to credit TMS for equipping me with a very solid foundation to understand music, equipment & the skills to make it as a DJ. If you are thinking about pursuing music, TMS should definitely be on your radar.


Equipment and Software

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Push 2

Traktor DJ iPad

Novation Bassstation

Yamaha Reface

Roland TR-8

Ableton Live Performer

25000 Excluding GST
  • Limited Batch Sizes
  • One batch / quarter
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure


Sumith Suresh

Sumith Suresh

Sumith Suresh aka Braindrop / Synister is a DJ & producer. I studied Production and Music business in Pyramind - San Fransisco.

dj, deejay, music

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to to be proficient with Ableton Live

Yes. Many of of our students, current and former, are students and working professionals who make a time commitment to pursue their passion

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