Signature Courses

Join exclusively tailored courses from industry stalwarts to up your game.

Ultimate Music Production Course With Prematron

Learn to build a track from ground-up with this in-depth course designed by Prematron. Get your hands dirty with some pro gear and access to Prematron’s personal studio.

Maschine with Prematron

Learn to produce, sample and create music on one of the most cutting edge groove/beat production and performance platforms from Native Instruments — Maschine. Learn how to sample, create personal libraries, use beautiful effects and make music in no time with Maschine.

Making Psy-Trance With Prematron

Kick-start a career in creating Psy-trance with Prematron. The course not only offers a strong focus on production, but also equips you with the theory behind the music to give you a solid foundation that you can extend across genres.

Psy-Trance Sound Design With Prematron

Go beyond the basics of production with this signature course designed to take your tracks to the next level. Get privy to the tricks of the trade with industry veteran Prematron.

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