Music Production - Online - Basic Course

We’ll teach you everything there is to know so you can make a track on one of the most popular softwares for electronic musicians.


mins / class
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Course Curriculum

Explore everything that the course will teach you. Our experienced faculty will guide you through the theory of music, equipment and software needed to elevate your skills in electronic music production.

Ableton Live

  • Introduction to Ableton Live
  • Beat Science
  • Audio Warping, Recording & Editing
  • Using Automation and Simple Effects
  • Making Drum Patterns
  • Understanding MIDI
  • Learning Push 2

Logic Pro X

  • Introduction to Logic Pro X
  • Live Loops
  • Pattern Regions
  • Understanding MIDI
  • Flex Mode
  • Logic Remote
  • Beat Science
  • Using Automation and Simple Effects
  • Understanding Basic Synthesis
  • Understanding Reverb & Delays
  • Understanding EQ
  • Music Theory
  • Understanding Bass Lines & Melody
  • Introduction to Instruments
  • Working with Vocals
  • Recording Vocals
  • Sound Design with Analog
  • Operator
  • Sampling
  • Processing using Effects
  • Wavetable
  • Synthesis
  • Native Instruments – (Absynth , Massive & Kontakt)
  • Understanding Compression, Limiter, Distortion
  • Understanding Sends/ Returns (Ableton)
  • Using Aux, Sends (Logic Pro X)
  • Mixing
  • Starting a Mix
  • Vocal Production
  • Dynamic Mixing
  • Mix Process
  • Mastering
  • Record Labels
  • A&R
  • Copyright
  • Digital Distribution

Check out some of what you'll learn in this course

Equipment and Software

Roland TR-8

Ableton Push 2

Maschine MK 2

Novation Bass Station

Yamaha Reface CS

black flat screen computer monitor on white wooden desk

Ableton Live 11

Logic Pro X

Mackie MCU Pro

Arturia Spark Drummachine

Komplete Kontrol S61

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a music professional to take this course?

No, our DJ courses are designed to cover the fundamentals of music such as beat science to give you a holistic understanding of DJing.

Can I work / study while I pursue this course?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, many of our students are students and working professionals who make a time commitment to pursue their passion.

We also offer a weekend batch for working professionals who might otherwise be busy during the week.

Will I be able to make my own tracks after this course at TMS?

Creating high quality tracks consistently takes practice & patience. While we will teach you to produce music from start to finish, make sure you spend time in the studio practicing!

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