Mixed In Key 10, Harmonics completely re-imagined!

Mixed in key 10
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Mixed In Key 10, Harmonics completely re-imagined!

Mixed In Key has become a household brand for many artists because of its 15 years of key detecting software.

Its most recent version, Mixed In Key 10, commemorates the software’s 15th anniversary while also introducing a number of new features for DJs and producers to use in their creative activities.

A new UI, an improved key detection algorithm, and the option to export cue points to RekordBox are just a few of the highlights.

You can download the latest version of Mixed in Key 10 here.

When It Comes To UI

The new edition, Mixed in Key 10 sports a new design – or, to put it another way, a new-and-improved design. It’s a tribute to the iconic aesthetic of Mixed In Key 5.5, so you might recognize it.

When It Comes To Key Detection

Mixed In Key has long been one of the most dependable key detection programmes, and we’re glad to see that their system is becoming better.

The latest version combines the expertise to construct an algorithm that outperforms the previous version’s findings which already had the highest-ranked key detection in the world.

When It Comes To Exporting

Mixed In Key 10, it now lets you to export its cue points into the flagship Pioneer DJ software, which is a huge step forward in terms of making flow even easier for DJs that utilise Rekordbox.

Mixed In Key generates these cue points automatically utilising its music analysis capabilities, and each track can have up to eight of them.

So, whether you use Traktor, Serato or RekordBox, Mixed In Key 10 will give you up to 8 automatic Cue Points per track.

Looking to learn how to mix harmonically in-detail? Take a look at our Online and Offline DJ Courses.

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