Visual Jockey With Mantis Shrimp Creative

Become a Visual Jockey today & learn how to create visual experiences for the biggest festivals & clubs with this exclusive course in association with creative technology company – Mantis Shrimp Creative.


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Course Curriculum

Our VJ course is carefully curated by industry experts who will introduce you to the most popular VJ software today.

Learn how to create compelling visual stories for clubs and music festivals using Resolume.

  • Introduction to VJing
    – Roles
    – Responsibilities
    – Ethics
  • The Industry
    – India
    – The World
  • Introduction to Software (Resolume Arena)
  • Resolume & VJ Terminology
  • Software Layout & Pages
  • Loading Content
  • Creating a Deck and Layering
  • Compositing
  • Resolution & Color
  • Rhythm & Beat Matching
  • Adding Effects
  • External Controls MiDi & Keyboards
  • Introduction to LED Screens & Projectors
  • Introduction to MIDI Controllers 
  • Mapping to a MIDI
  • Setting-up Your Gear
  • Show Specific Preparation
  • Scope of Work
  • Life as a VJ
  • Making a Career
  • Introduction to LED Pixel Mapping
  • Introduction to Projection Mapping
  • Creating Your Own Content

Check Out What You'll Learn

Music Production - Basic Course

1 Videos

Equipment and Software

Resolume Arena


Ableton Push 2

black flat screen computer monitor on white wooden desk

Epson Projectors

Showjockey Pixel Bars


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Prior Experience To Take This Course?

No, our Visual Jockey program is designed to cover the fundamentals of VJing before we dive into advanced topics.

Can I Work / Study While I Take This Course?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, many of our students are students and working professionals who make a time commitment to pursue their passion.
Will I Be Able To Perform At Events After This Course?

Yes, we will equip you with all the information, knowledge & tools you need to start performing as a VJ. But creating great visual experiences consistently takes time & practice. So make sure you’re making time to practice in the studio.

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