How To Build A Freemium Website & Grow Your Brand As a DJ

How to build a website and grow your brand as a dj
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How To Build A Freemium Website & Grow Your Brand As a DJ

Today, an online presence is everything. Having a robust and dynamic avatar online through a website is crucial when it comes to promoting your professional career. There’s no doubt about it – when it comes to being a great DJ, the music always comes first. But passion alone doesn’t get you to the top. To make a career out of being a DJ, you need to be able to play two roles – one as a talented artist who is dedicated to their art form and the other as a business owner who manages a brand professionally. If you want your music to reach dance-floors across the globe, you need to build a reputation.

While social media platforms like Instagram and music streaming sites like Soundcloud are great to share your vibe and work with the world, you need to understand that you’re just another user on someone else’s platform. Community guidelines and algorithms mean that you’ll always be limited with what you can and can’t do on such platforms.

That’s what makes having your own professional website as a DJ. A well-made website gives promoters and agencies the opportunity to check out your work, helps fans discover more of your music and establishes your credibility as a professional.

Ok, so it’s a no brainer. A professional website is the way to go.
But how do you build a great site with limited coding skills? Or how do you make sure your website doesn’t suffer from poor design? Follow the list below and you’ll be just fine…

Home Page
Take a look at the Answer webpage here

Use Templates

You’ll be thrilled to know that you don’t have to start building your site from scratch. Platforms like Wix and WordPress offer you a number of free templates to get you started. If you spend some time browsing, you’re almost guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Just pick a template that resonates with your brand and you can start customising it to your needs. Not just that, these tools help you manage content without the need for too much technical knowledge.

Wait, so you now know how to get started with building a great website. But what exactly should you have on your website?

The Music Comes First

Your website is focused on your persona as a DJ. So it’s only logical that your music should come first. Wether you’re producing your own tracks or putting together mixtapes, it’s essential that it’s easy for your audience to find your sound.

Opt for an advanced audio player. Preferably one that allows audiences to download tracks either for free or for a fee. Alternatively, you can also simply integrate existing streaming platforms like soundcloud or YouTube into your website.

What’s important is that you make sure the music on your website is relevant to the kind of events you’re looking to play at. Weddings and corporate events require significantly different styles of music than most club gigs. So make sure your music is well curated.

Music 1
Links to relevant music streaming sites and an integrated audio player on the Answer Music website

Get Booked

While it’s all well and good that your website looks great and your music is both on-point and easily available to your audience, the exercise of building a website is a total waste if it doesn’t serve it’s primary purpose – getting you more paid work.

While adding a contact form for potential agencies or promoters to reach out is one way to go, it might be worth considering adding a booking option that allows visitors to book you for an event immediately based on your availability.

Alternatively, you can also add the contact details of your management – if that’s the way you choose to go. At the end if the day, what really matters is that your website brings you more business.

Get Booked
The contact form for potential bookings on the Answer Music website

Include Your Schedule

Apart from sharing your music with the world and getting you booked for gigs, your website is a great way to let your audience know where you’re playing next. Announcing your calendar well in advance gives your loyal following an idea of what your calendar looks like and when they should make plans to see you play.

Remember that you want to come across as a professional and experienced DJ. So having an empty calendar or one that hasn’t been updated in a while is not the best way to ensure you’re seen in that light. Keep your calendar up to date.

Also, if you know that you’re mostly playing at private events, it might be better off to avoid having a calendar at all. Announcing to the world that you’re playing at an event that no one can make it to is pretty pointless. Maybe consider or adding a blog section instead?

Add Great Artwork

Remember that a website is very visual. Having high resolution images and videos are going to drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your site. Moreover it’s no secret that a visually stimulating website retains more user attention.

Tie up with a good photographer to get some great shots of your events. Or consider collaborating with a visual artist who can give you artwork that makes sense for your music. One thing to keep in mind, is to make sure that all your visual content is in the right aspect ratio that fits well in your website.

The gallery with high resolution pictures on the Answer Music website

So there you have it! A guide to get you started with a functional website focused on building your image as a professional and experienced DJ.

Have a suggestion? Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below. Check out our comprehensive DJ courses that can guide you on your complete DJ journey.

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  1. This is perfect ! For a person who’s getting into the field of DJing for the first time and being completely lost , this is an eye opener.

    Reading through this blog made me realise that there’s more to the art than just learning & playing music behind a deck.

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