Introducing TMS Express

A series of short format courses to help you navigate the world of electronic music

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August 21st - 22nd, 2021


Get introduced to the world’s most popular DJ Software – Rekordbox & learn how to set-up your music like a professional for your next gig.

Sign-up for our exclusive Weekend workshop to learn from one of Country’s finest DJs – DJ Mash, all from the comfort and safety of your home!

How you'll learn

This is a short format online workshop. Spread over 4hrs, across 2 days, the workshop will be conducted online These private sessions are only for registered attendees. We’ll send you a link to join before the course start date. Sit anywhere and login.

During the workshop, the trainer will share his screen and keep the chat room open.


DJ Mash DP


DJ Mash is has a colourful career that spans over a decade. He's one of the top acts in the country & also won the Ultimate DJ Championship back in 2010-11.

What you'll learn

Get introduced to the world’s most popular Dj software – Rekordbox and it’s basic functions.

Dive deeper into Rekordbox & learn how to organise your music collection.

Learn to set-up Rekordbox like a professional for your next DJ performance.

Dive deeper into performance mode on Rekordbox to elevate your skills as a DJ.

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