Introducing TMS Express

A series of short format courses to help you navigate the world of electronic music

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Jun 26-27, 2021


Creating a successful career as an artist involves more than just talent & dedication to your art. Creating a brand, getting word out and learning from the numbers is often overlooked when it comes to growing as an artist.

Sign-up for this exclusive weekend workshop with Goos, to learn how you can scale your reach and maximise your potential as an artist, irrespective of your audience and art form.

How you'll learn

This is a short format online workshop. Spread over 3 hours across 2 days, the workshop will be conducted online.

These private sessions are only for registered attendees. We’ll send you a link to join before the course start date. Sit anywhere and login.

During the workshop, the trainer will share his screen, have presentations where needed, keep the chat room open.



Guha Bharadwaj (Goos)

Goos has been helping artists, labels, event organisers and people within the music industry for many years. He combines his professional marketing experience and applies it to the challenges and opportunities that the music industry presents.

What you'll learn

Learn what it takes to develop your own brand, the do’s and dont’s and how to sustain it

Feel like you’re running  in circles and not moving forward? Break the rut and push through.

See what more you can do to build your fan base, reach your audience and keep them engaged

There’s a lot of data and charts out there. Which are the ones that really matter though? Learn how to use it to your advantage.

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