Introducing TMS Express

A series of short format courses to help you navigate the world of electronic music

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November 21st, 2021


In this Express, learn how to make a mixtape on Ableton. Create a mix in a shorter time span and get your mix tight without any errors, which you can then upload online. You don’t need to own a controller or play an entire set. With this workflow, get consistent with weekly mixtapes produced faster and without any errors. Learn about the finer elements that go into getting the audience hooked and engaged weekly!

Sign-up to learn with Asraar, the host of REFLECTIONS, a weekly podcast with over 10,000 plays and learn the art of perfecting podcast production. 

How you'll learn

This is a short format online workshop. This one day workshop will be conducted online. TMS Express are private sessions – only for registered attendees. We’ll send you a link to join before the course start date. Sit anywhere and login.

During the workshop, the trainer will share his screen and keep the chat room open.




Currently managed by Deep Dictionary, Asraar has played well defined early & closing sets to Nick Warren, Sebastien Leger, Dmitry Molosh, Stan Kolev & More. Host of a weekly radio show Reflections, he’s also been at work in his studio on his originals

What you'll learn

Get introduced to Ableton’s arrangement view and understand the set-up in comparison to a DJ workflow.

Learn to arrange tracks, understand warp settings, track fades and automation(3 EQ band mixing like a DJ).

Take a look into Asraar’s latest episode project and understand his workflow. 

Understand what’s worked for him and listener psychology.

Learn more about how, and what workflow techniques help keep the podcast consistent weekly for over 40 weeks.

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