DJ - Advanced Course

A carefully curated DJ course that will cover the A to Z of DJing. Our DJ Advanced program is designed by some of Bangalore’s best DJs and will prepare you to move from the bedroom to the club, as you master the art of mixing.

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Course Curriculum

Explore everything that the course will teach you. Our experienced faculty will guide you through the theory of music, equipment and software needed to prep you to DJ at a gig

  • Introduction to DJing
  • Equipment Overview, Connection & Different Types Of Cables
  • Understanding Basic Functionality
  • Cueing Techniques
  • Learn To Set A Cue & Release On The Beat
  • Breaking down the structure of a song
  • BPM, tempo & time signature
  • Introduction to different styles of music
  • Learning how to mix them
  • Beat matching basics 
  • Mixing technique – 1 (Using channel faders & crossfader technique)
  • Mixing techniques – 2 (Using basic EQ controls)
  • Mixing different genres
  • Rekordbox  advance
  • Traktor advance
  • Mixed in key
  • Troubleshooting (Software & Device)
  • History of Dance Music 
  • Genres (in-depth)
  • How to design your set
  • Looping, Sampling & Hot Cues 
  • Effects & Color Effects 
  • How to use advanced function and enhance performance
  • Different types of microphones
  • How to use a microphone
  • Psycho Acoustic – understanding the human hearing psychology and rooms 
  • Pro audio – understanding the types of the sound system and its functionality
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Optional Add-Ons

Want to take your skill to the next level? Explore our range of add-ons available to you if you complete this course. What you choose is up to you!

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DJ - Advanced Program

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