Hey guys, my name is Asraar. I’m an alumni from themusic’scool. Today, I’ve been DJing for 5 years & also work at my Alma Mater.

For this edition of TMS Trivia, I wanted to take things in a different direction. We run through two of Pioneer’s entry level controllers; the DDJ – 200 & the DDJ – 400. While they’re not the controllers you see DJs use regularly at clubs & festivals, they’re both great options if you’re just kicking off your journey as a DJ.

I highlight the key features on each of these controllers, before comprehensively comparing the two. Tune in to find out which of these cool gadgets are the right fit for you.

DDJ 200 vs DDJ 400

For more insights, tips and tricks in all things electronic music, tune-in to TMS Trivia, every Tuesday at 5PM LIVE on our Facebook page.

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