CDJ 3000 & DJM – V10 – LF —What’s Hot

CDJ3000 & DJM-V10-LF
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CDJ 3000 & DJM – V10 – LF —What’s Hot

As a Pioneer DJ product specialist & brand ambassador, I’m lucky to get my hands on the new products rolling off Pioneer DJ’s supply chain. Last month, we were treated to some tasty new gear from the giants – the CDJ 3000 & the DJM – V10 – LF.

Let’s start with the 3000

Branded as their new, evolved flagship multiplayer, the CDJ – 3000, is powered by a new MPU (Micro Processing Unit) & packed with new innovative features. Beside the NXS 2000, the 3000 is evidently larger. Even so, it retains a similar layout to its predecessor, making the transition to this new unit extremely easy.

CDJ 3000 top hero

There are some notable upgrades though. We’re treated to a brand new jog dial which is smoother & far more silent than the one on the 2000 Nexus 2. The new dial comes with a display in the middle, that shows you the various modes of play & album artwork. We also get a super powerful key-sync button.

CDJ 3000 angle hero

For the more technically inclined DJs out there, you’ll be happy to hear that the new MPU processes audio at 32BITs. Also, we have Gigabit connectivity, which now allows us to link upto 6 CDJ – 3000s with a V10 Mixer. The advanced MPU also helps future proof the 3000, making it easy to add functionality through software updates.There are a few more nifty tricks on the 3000. You can check them out my review here:


Moving onto the DJM – V10 – LF, this new mixer has been equipped with longer channel faders with optimized curves and a new custom-designed curve preset to enable you to perform smooth and accurate mixes.

DJM V10 LF top

These new faders enable you to control the volume of the audio source from each channel with incredible precision. The fader curve setting has been upgraded and the faders themselves have been appropriately weighed to enhance the potential offered by their elongated range.

DJM V10 LF angle

The other specifications of the DJM-V10-LF are the same as the DJM-V10, which has been adopted by the DJ community since it’s release earlier this year. This makes moving to the LF a pleasant experience.

As always, Pioneer DJ have continued to impress. Rolling out quality equipment that is well thought out, their range of products ensure the needs of every DJ is met. If you’re looking to get your hands on the latest Pioneer DJ equipment, reach out to a certified Pioneer DJ distributor like The Music’Scool to ensure you get the best that money can buy.

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