Business of Music – A workshop with Goos

Last Sunday at TheMusic’Scool we hosted a workshop around the Business Of Music, with my friend and local favorite – Goos.

While making music consistently is no doubt the holy grail of a successful music career, it’s difficult to carve out a niche for yourself without creating a unique brand and some level of marketing.

For this very reason I reached out to Goos, requesting him to take our students through what has worked for him and discuss his journey in the industry. Goos was also keen to explore new ideas and approaches to put yourself out there. From how to leverage social media, to building your network and evaluating your strategy at regular intervals; we dive into conversations that are sure to give you new insights.

Business of Music – A workshop with Goos

If you’re keen to make a career in the electronic music scene, this workshop is a great start to understanding it’s nitty-gritties.

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