Welcome to the first episode of TMS Trivia – a weekly short, curated by The Music Scool, in an effort to build interest and skill in the basics of electronic music.

To kick things off, we have Heslyn Silveria – faculty at TMS & resident DJ at High Ultra Lounge. Over the next 15mins, he’ll be taking us through the basic building blocks of a track – beats, bars & phrases.

Starting with the definition of what each of these terms actually means, Heslyn quickly moves into how we can track or count beats. We’re then taken through how bars are a collection of four beats and how a collection of eight bars then in-turn create a phrase.

TMS Trivia – Episode 1 – Beats, Bars & Phrases

For the viewers who stuck through the lesson all the way to the end, Heslyn includes a quick tip on how to mark phrases on Rekordbox for a seamless performance.

For more insights, tips and tricks in all things electronic music, tune-in to TMS Trivia, every Tuesday at 5PM LIVE on our Facebook page.

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