The ride so far...

When The Music’Scool started, we obviously didn’t know the scale at which we would operate. However, with each passing week and month we began slowly gaining recognition in this field. There were many difficulties that we faced in the early days. Limitations such as qualified trainers, music availability, the struggle to source music, lack of professional institutes where one could go and get themselves professionally trained to name a few. Most established DJ’s, including myself, are self taught. We come from en era where we have witnessed the change in technology over time. Today technology is getting enhanced or updated, but the entire switch from turntables to digital is what happened during our time and we have witnessed this drastic switch. We see a DJ today but are not really aware of what all went into making them the professionals that they are.

This is the reason that I decided to start The Music’Scool. The struggles that we had should serve as a learning for newer generations. Our aim is to provide quality education with a guided process to help students become a successful professional at the end of the course. Over 2 decades of experience has gone into the curriculum that we have designed. 

I also travel a lot and during these travels visited some amazing academies across the world. It has always been my vision to start an academy of international standards in India and can proudly say we are the among India’s leading music academies today. While we have a state of the art facility in Bangalore, we also train online. All one needs is passion, perseverance and a laptop with a good internet connection.

Clement Dsouza

Clement Dsouza

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