Ableton Live Performer With Braindrop

Ableton Live Performer
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Ableton Live Performer With Braindrop

I’m Sumith, better known as Braindrop / Synister. I’m a visiting faculty at The Music’Scool & run the Ableton Live Performer course.

Last week, we curated a workshop to give you a look into what it takes to set-up for a live performance on Ableton. We’ll also be using the versatile Push 2.

Ableton Live Performer with Braindrop

We’ll begin with a small impromptu performance, to show you what a live performance is about; before jumping into the set-up & constructing a live set.

If you enjoy this workshop and are keen to build your skills as a live performer, you can explore the option of joining my signature course at The Music’Scool.

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